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The company is purely olive steady biolocico that they produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, dark green, with hand-harvested since the beginning of October. So it offers a high quality product with the highest concentration of anti oxidants.

Extra virgin olive

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Our olive oil is extracted in the cold mill business. The Packers in 0.75 cl bottles, milk and 5 liter pet. Su richiesta in altri formati. On request in other formats.
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The crushed green olives in oil

sample The olives are harvested in October (still green), we prepare them as did our grandmothers. They are crushed by hand, pitted, softened by frequent washing and preserved in oil. The sale of this product is at our company. To book the product.

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Naturally dried black olives

sample The olives for this production, are collected in the month of December when ripening occurs. Striped and treated with salt for water softening and dried naturally.
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