Our structure

foto esterna The company is located in a beautiful and unspoilt natural setting, covers about twenty acres of olive groves, an oil mill on the property. The farm looks like an old farmhouse surrounded by a large garden, under whose porch, overlooking the green is really nice taste ancient flavors and aromas are now rare. It will be ideal for a relaxing holiday! .

Just 30 km you can visit all the Tyrrhenian coast full of interesting tourist places. During the day you can get in the Plateau of Silas, then visit Camigliatello and Lorica, where you can enjoy in the winter, the ski-equipped and, in the summer, fresh mountain air. A few kilometers away from you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Park of Pollino. Guided tours to places of great archaeological museum and the excavations at Sybaris. foto esterna The farm has two goals: an archaeological (Sybaris) and other wildlife in the Pollino National Park. The Abbey of Santa Maria di CAMIGLIANO, one of the first Benedictine Abbeys of Calabria, is located in a valley surrounded by gentle hills between the valley and the Crati Esaro, and was raised by Robert Guiscard who then made a stop at not far from San Marco Argentano Camigliano. Uncertain year of foundation, it opines around 1070.
The company has a dining room accommodation capacity of 200 seats, thus offering the possibility of being used for banquets and receptions. foto esterna The farmhouse has 5 bedrooms, including 3 quads, 2 triples, and an apartment with kitchen use suitable to accommodate 5 persons. foto esterna

Our oil

olio di oliva extravergine The geographical position of the hillside and the mild climate of the inner band of Ionian Calabria (declared by experts to be the best in the world), favors this crop. In our company there are many varieties of olives: Carolea, Nocellara, Coratina, Roggianella. For organic certification we are controlled by the IMC collection commences in late September with hand picking, with the help of experienced women, the product is cold worked just picked up the mill company, therefore we offer a low-grade virgin. After settling a natural acidity we get no other way, a virgin pure and pleasant taste. vecchio frantoio per spremere le olive