Plan Ruggio - Pollino National Park

You get to Campo Tenese through the route that leads from the highway junction Tarsia: I sign-Sybaris. Reached Campo Tenese take the state 19 for ROUND and about 3 km, at the Fort (near a statue of the Virgin Mary), take the road to the right that leads to Piano Ruggio, enjoying during the course of an extraordinary landscape of the plain Campo Tenese and mountains and Palanuda Caramolo. Plan Ruggio, where is located the refuge "DE GASPER", you can camp out and stay overnight. So it is interesting to continue for dell'Inpiso Hill, where you leave the car to walk the floors of the Pollino that their sides have the Serra and Serra di Crispo of devils, here's the surprise: a vast landscape of "pino loricato", the only examples in Italy.

National Park of Pollino